Member Benefits

Muzzle Blasts

All members of the NMLRA receive Muzzle Blasts, with the exception of Associate and junior members, the monthly membership publication devoted to all aspects of the muzzleloading sport. Read articles about the experiences of the muzzleloading shooter, collector, historian, gun builder, and hunter - all coming to your door every month.  


The National Rendezvous and Living History Foundation sponsors national rendezvous throughout the United States, and a vaild NMLRA membership card will save you $10 off the cost of attending these functions. NRLHF rendezvous are the best there are. The Association supports these rendezvous through free advertising and promotion of events through Muzzle Blasts magazine.

National Competitions

With your NMLRA membership card, you have the opportunity to attend two National Championship matches in centrally located Friendship, Indiana.

National Range

The Walter Cline National Range in Friendship, Indiana, is open to NMLRA members who wish to shoot - whether it be for a day or a weekend, because camping facilities are available at the range. The range supports all forms of muzzleloading shooting, from long-distance slug gun shooting to silhouette targets to trap and skeet shooting. Whatever your fancy, the NMLRA National Range has it all.

Scholarship Program

The NMLRA sponsors a scholarship program for its members and their dependents. Each year up to two (2) scholarships of $1000 each will be awarded. 

Territorial Competitions

NMLRA sponsored territorial matches are held throughout the United States and your NMLRA membership card allows you to participate in these events. 

Charter Clubs

The NMLRA has over three hundred muzzleloading charter clubs across the country, each with its own schedule of events and range times. The NMLRA Charter Clubs are well-supported by the Association, with discounts on advertising, scoring aids and targets as well as access to some of the best insurance available for shooting organizations. Charter Clubs are eligible for matching funds through an NMLRA grant program. Members of charter clubs can participate in a National Charter Club Championship. 

Hunting Opportunities

When coupled with a valid Indiana hunting license and a hunting permit obtained from the NMLRA office, your NMLRA membership card gives you black powder hunting access to five hundred acres of prime southeastern Indiana land owned by your Association during respective hunting seasons.  The NMLRA Hunting Regulations 

Longhunter Big Game Records Program

Members who enjoy the extra challenge of hunting with a muzzleloading firearm have a chance to participate in the Longhunter Big Game Records Program. The Longhunter Muzzleloading Big Game Record Book is the premier registry for all record-class indigenous big game trophies in North America taken by muzzleloaders.  Books 1-6

Camping Opportunities

Your valid NMLRA membership card also gives you access to a full-facility campground in southeastern Indiana. Complete with showers and electrical hookups, all for a price much lower than even state-run campgrounds.


Many companies that deal in muzzleloading and period-reenactment supplies are longtime advertisers in Muzzle Blasts, the NMLRA membership magazine. Members benefit from this close relationship by having access to knowledgeable and friendly manufacturers and dealers when it comes time to buy equipment. Also, many dealers attend the NMLRA National shooting competitions, bringing their best items and prices to our members.

NMLRA Stolen Gun Registry

For added security and to protect members' investments, the NMLRA supports a regularly updated database, called the Stolen Gun Registry, in which descriptions of members' stolen black powder firearms are kept. Law-enforcement officials and people who believe they have received a stolen gun can contact the NMLRA to find the rightful owner.

Muzzleloading Education

Members of the NMLRA can take advantage of the Association's Muzzleloading Education Program. This program offers members the opportunity to become NMLRA Muzzleloading Education Instructors and Trainers.

Beginner's Bench

NMLRA members who attend the National Championship Shoot or the Spring National Shoot can invite their children, grandchildren, or a novice friend to the NMLRA Beginner's Bench. For no charge, a qualified individual will help the new shooter safely load and shoot a muzzleloading rifle.

Range Officer Training

The NMLRA offers its members the chance to become an NMLRA Range Officer through courses offered every year.

NMLRA Museum

The NMLRA has a very complete and regularly updated library and museum for research and study. Members can find information about almost anything related to the muzzleloading field and can see some of the most interesting exhibits imaginable at the NMLRA Museum and Library. Located in the NMLRA Education Building and the historic Rand House, the museum displays are open only during the National Shoots.

Legislative Action

The NMLRA represents its 16,614 members in legislative matters. The Association seeks to protect your Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

NMLRA Gunsmithing Seminar  

The NMLRA's world-renown Gunsmith Seminar is held annually, and members have an opportunity to receive hands-on instruction as well as attend demonstrations and classroom training by some of the most widely known and talented gunsmiths in the world.

NMLRA Postal Match
The NMLRA sponsors an annual postal match with categories in rifle and pistol. For additional information contact the NMLRA office or click here.

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