Business Members

Why you should become a Business Member....
NMLRA Business Membership Benefits
For a $250 yearly membership, business members will enjoy the following benefits and opportunities in addition to regular member benefits.

Advertising Discounts
All business members receive a 5 percent discount on advertising in Muzzle Blasts, the official publication of the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association. This discount is in addition to any other multiple insertion, agency, and pre-pay discounts.

Reach 15,000+ Potential Buyers
By advertising in Muzzle Blasts, your business will be in direct contact with over 15,000  NMLRA members, muzzleloading enthusiasts, and their families each month. Our Single Copy Dealer Sales program helps you reach additional  non-members monthly.

Listed in Business Directory
Business members will be listed as appropriate in Muzzle Blasts, NMLRA shoot programs, the NMLRA website and other NMLRA publications in a business directory section.

Use of Business Member Logo
As a business member you have exclusive use of the NMLRA business affiliate logo for your literature, advertising, and company letterhead. Artwork will be provided to business members upon request.

Exclusive Right to Rent Direct Mail List
Current NMLRA business members have the right to rent the NMLRA membership list for direct mail advertising. This is a live-list of your target market - people interested in muzzleloading shooting, hunting, gun building, or historical reenacting. This list is available exclusively to our business members.

5% Discount on Exhibit Fees
Business members who exhibit at NMLRA National events will be eligible for discounts on rental fees for exhibit space. Please call the office (812) 667-5131, ext. 231 for discounts at specific events.

Network With Other Members
All members are encouraged and welcome to attend NMLRA meetings, shoots, and programs. This gives you the opportunity to meet other NMLRA members and other business members.

Sign up today at  or contact the office for further details at (812) 667-5131.

Current NMLRA Business Members:

 Rightnour Mfg. Co. - Manufactures RMC MUZZLELOADING & OX-YOKE ORIGINALS gun cleaning, gun care, & shooting products

Goex Black Powder - Products are known for one-shot accuracy, optimum performance and old-fashioned dependability

Jim Chambers Flintlocks Ltd./Siler Locks - Rifles, Locks, Pistol, Parts

Friendship State Bank - Local supporting bank with 8 locations including Friendship.

Log Cabin Shop - Muzzleloading (black powder) guns and accessories

Dixie Gun Works - blackpowder guns, antique gun parts, shooting supplies sells reloading and shooting supplies for guns. Our shooting accessories for hunting rifles, shotguns and target pistols are priced to sell. See our holsters, targets, cases and eye protection, too.

At The Casto Armory we are dedicated to our nations firearms heritage. we offer gunsmithing and restoration of antique and blackpowder arms as well as build exquisite reproductions of the rifles that founded this country

Leather Unlimited - spaceFriendly Service and Quality Leather! spaceThe finest WHOLESALE LEATHER supplier since 1970.

Pricketts Fort - Prickett's Fort State Park is a day-use historical and recreational park, located just north of Fairmont, WV. 

RYDON Corporation - Welcome to RYDON Corporation's  factory direct muzzleloader store.  We have been a manufacturer of muzzleloader supplies and cleaning/shooting supplies for many years.

W.L. Baumleu Co.
Ken Brown